Austin Marathon: Small ones are good too (that’s what she said)- Running just for joy, tacos and ice cream, our snack bag was the worst/stupidest I’ve ever seen, and yes I will mention poop (don’t you know me by now?)

So I had a few mentally dark days two weeks back after getting nailed by that car. I’d also really been hating running after Chicago. I hated running before Chicago because I wanted to be fast so bad. I was listening to “Born to Run” on audible and some of the best ultra runners and regular runners to just ran out of joy and success comes later. That being said you can still be wrestling with exhaustion, persevering through physical fatigue, and have the mental capacity to remain happy and want to finish. Why did I do so well in Lehigh Valley last year? I had fun all summer! I ran with friends, I ran 50ish miles a week or less, I ran slowly, even my long runs were 8:40-9:30 min miles on average, and I did a TON of hot yoga. Then I hit 3:21 during race time. Chicago I ran my long runs 7:30 min miles ran 70 miles a week and kept having weird panic attack’s only to pull a hammie and work over a year for a 2 min PR. Whaaaaat.

So to get over my “fuck running” feelings and despite my coach’s disapproval I decided to run Austin for the joy of it. It wasn’t easy or perfect or fast, but I saw the city and some funny shit and burned off some tacos – left without injury. Ok cool!

So the race shirt was cool- sponsored by under armor the race was small-ish. On my instagram everyone seemed to have run Houston a few weeks prior – looks like that’s the Texas Mac daddy of marathons. Here’s the shirt

It’s probably the cutest slogan I’ve ever seen. “RUN RUN RUN”

Got there early and peed – the start line was cool. No pop music to start – we got “danger zone” and when it was time bright smoke shot from the top of the lights from big smoke machines – it was the coolest start to a race I’ve ever seen. Still pretty dark out when we started off.

OK so the problem of my GI stems from how this was a “fun” race. Yes my period flow was on uncomfortably heavy, yes I was wishy washy about the race since I signed up for it. Yes because this was a fun race I didn’t go by my normal three day carb only plan. The night before I had an omelette and vegan ice cream even though I knew damn well I should have bagels with jelly or pizza w no cheese like Chicago or a burrito w rice and beans maybe some tofu like Lehigh. But no. My dumbass went in on adding extra avocado and vegan chocolate ice cream named after a metal band or whatever. It was damn good too.

So was I shocked I had to stop at EVERY porta potty the next 11 miles!? Eh before I realized what I’d done- yeah I guess – but I knew better and I just didn’t bother. Luckily I ran first few miles a little fast so they were still clean when I got to them.

Austin tx looks a lot like Bridgeport. I saw a few guys running shoeless and a girl w a Daria tattoo.

I almost dropped out because of my GI issues – thinking I’d finish the half and even if I didn’t get a medal it would be done and thinking how lucky the half marathoners were.

Then not to sound corny but then I started thinking about being happy again, my stomach was pretty much done being disagreeable, and maybe I was the lucky was because I had a chance to see the WHOLE city not just the south and west. I was capable to have a diff opportunity than them and all I had to do was keep it moving. So I did and ended up with an extremely fun and surprisingly comfortable last 13 miles. The times weren’t my best but it was first marathon that I had negative splits.

The only thing I hated was the snack bag. I couldn’t get a freaking banana?? Weird Cheetos Oreos and a fruit cup ? Straight to garbage. The end.

I have tons of shit to write about but I’m going to vent about how much I love carbs instead

7 days til Austin Marathon! Carb depletion day 1 (actually like 14 hours and I’m already angry.) Never actually carb depleted before a load – I just perpetually carb load.

Normally when I get breakfast with Dre I eat French toast and her toast and all our hash browns. I told her I was carb depleting at the gym and during the 20 minutes it took to get to breakfast I had changed my mind was ready to go in on some hash browns !! I am weak! Today when she was a good friend and told me “no toast” I almost flipped a table I called her a bitch and ordered my omelette with (some) fruit. Usually I give up on depletes but I figured if I use this as a platform maybe I’ll stick with it but I’ll tell you if I don’t. It’s only four days after all!!

On Thursday I get to start the carb load and that’s the fun part!! I wish I didn’t have extreme behaviors. Why couldn’t I run the 5k in Austin and eat a reasonable amount of tacos? Have to fucking run the full marathon and eat tacos til I bust like an asshole. Feeling good about my 20 yesterday “- but full disclosure- my coach told me not to. Steve said today “You know what I do to my athletes who don’t listen to me? I punish them.” Lol so when I come back (INJURY FREE!) from Austin I can expect training for Providence to be especially long and grueling aka fun and lovely. I pinky swore him I’d just jog this marathon and I will bring sharpies to write “don’t be an asshole” and “biiiiig picture” on my hands. It’s just the marathon of 100 tacos.

Ok I’m gonna go eat another fucking cheese stick and try not to punch anyone in the face for the next three days. #ilovecarbs #carbiebarbie #fuckrawonions #marathontraining #austinmarathon #feedme #food #carbs #paleo #girlsthatrun #breakfast #ilovebreakfast #running #runningadventures

Getting my legs up the wall

When I put my legs up the wall I try to send my breathe to my ankles, then I stare at the blood pumping in them. I know it sounds weird, but I’m pretty positive it helps them heal. So even though I love hot power yoga – in my experience it is super important to hold still and recover. Holding still is mentally really fucking hard for me… but I know the physical and mental benefits are almost immediate. When I ran my most comfortable and fast marathon I was doing yin yoga religiously twice a week.

Not only did it help my deep tissue and my overall performance- but my ability to focus and concentrate was strong. Believe me, I’d rather run a damn marathon than hold dragon or lizard for freaking six minutes. Anyway, this is my favorite inversion. Bonus if I’m at WHY and I can rest my tightass calves on a heater- lol.

Run in the snow. The snow is beautiful.

Running in late November and early December is a little ugly. Sure all the pretty leaves are going and everything is just dead. This time last year we had a huge ice storm and the whole world basically turned blue. This week we’ve had two little snow showers and it made me miss running in fresh snow. It’s beautiful to look at and breathing after fresh snow feels so nice too.

The world is beautiful covered in snow!

Email me if you need help planning your spring race. I’m continuing my Black Friday special- $50 a month through Christmas.

Why it’s COOL to run in the winter aka you could get stuck ten miles out in a nor’easter and have to run home in 11 inches of snow – limited edition ugly selfie in content!

It’s fun ! This series of photos is from last winter. I’ll start with this one. It’s from mile 11 out of 20 as the ice and snow began to fall at a really fast pace.

I had a discussion with Steve the night before – maybe I should go right to bed and leave at 3am and sleep all day (Meriden had not yet cancelled school but I was anticipating it, and they did). Steve said sleep til 5am then head out. I got to mile six as the flurries began. Josh called at mile 9 and offered to pick me up and I said , “nah that’s ok I’m halfway done.” Then miles 13-20 were hell. The last two were just the worst. Hail was pelting my eyeballs, and I knew the snow was too deep for Josh to get me with the truck. I had to run up a huge hill on ridge road and by the end I was trying not to get hit by plows.

When I finally got into the house I was only home from being on adrenaline and josh has to physically remove my clothes for me because I was frozen stiff. He had also made me breakfast and was reasonably extremely pissed off. Steve felt bad for telling me to leave later but let me tell you- I made it through and I will remember that day for the rest of my life.

This was me by the end- this was my house lol.