Persevering when the dark and the cold starts to weigh on your happiness… and what you gain in return.


This is beautiful historic Collinsville last year during one of my winter runs I crammed into what little daylight I had. If I made double my salary I would move there in a heartbeat. The tree’s, the mountains, the rivers- are all just a little bigger than central CT. I like to park in Farmington, run to Collinsville, and back- that’s ten miles one way- well, unless I park further up the river- then it’s 14 round trip. I had a great “Gilmore Girls” moment at the market this summer where I was hot and accidentally about to die and lots of nice people had whole conversations with me. Everyone told me about their marathon experiences and their times in Chicago.

Running when there is lack of daylight, aka “low light” in the glamorous workout fashion magazines, is pretty frustrating. Let’s say you have a 12 miler. NOT EVEN A 20 MILER. There is ZERO time. You better leave by 1pm. It’s winter. You have between 7-4pm to get that shit done. TOPS. If you have any kind of obligation that day- you really need to cram that in. There were a few runs last winter, when I worked at Athleta, that I was running back in total darkness because I went out too late. Anyway. I digress.

Yeah, hi, I get seasonal depression. Running in the winter has taught me that it’s not the cold that bothers me- it’s the lack of light. You can layer up as much as you want and it doesn’t fix the lack of sun. You can, however, if you are brave, enjoy the little sunshine you get- when your run or high or snow shoe outside. You know what makes me sad? Feeling like I could be losing out on living life. Lack of sunshine. Wishing I could go out and do stuff. When I went out and ran in the cold or the snow- I was able to come back and hibernate and enjoy the cold with a little more happiness. Go out in the cold! You will feel better.


Why it’s COOL to run in the winter aka you could get stuck ten miles out in a nor’easter and have to run home in 11 inches of snow – limited edition ugly selfie in content!

It’s fun ! This series of photos is from last winter. I’ll start with this one. It’s from mile 11 out of 20 as the ice and snow began to fall at a really fast pace.

I had a discussion with Steve the night before – maybe I should go right to bed and leave at 3am and sleep all day (Meriden had not yet cancelled school but I was anticipating it, and they did). Steve said sleep til 5am then head out. I got to mile six as the flurries began. Josh called at mile 9 and offered to pick me up and I said , “nah that’s ok I’m halfway done.” Then miles 13-20 were hell. The last two were just the worst. Hail was pelting my eyeballs, and I knew the snow was too deep for Josh to get me with the truck. I had to run up a huge hill on ridge road and by the end I was trying not to get hit by plows.

When I finally got into the house I was only home from being on adrenaline and josh has to physically remove my clothes for me because I was frozen stiff. He had also made me breakfast and was reasonably extremely pissed off. Steve felt bad for telling me to leave later but let me tell you- I made it through and I will remember that day for the rest of my life.

This was me by the end- this was my house lol.

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Angry Dolphin

Like Lotus, I’m not sure this one ignites anger in everyone- this one just makes me feel personally frustrated.

Benefits of Dolphin Pose: Stretches your hamstrings, calves, and arches. Opens your shoulders, chest, and inner armpits.”

Yeah that’s why- ALL those things I️ are tight on me. Lifting and running- my shoulders are always tight as well as my calves and hammies. When we did adjustments in teacher training Barb picked me to adjust my Dolphin. After adjusting me for what felt like a long time I️ wouldn’t say she gave up… but… she let it be.

Recently I️ “bailed out” of Dolphin in class and felt very guilty. Holding uncomfortable poses is one of the reasons I️ love power yoga – sticking with it and breathing through the discomfort. Anyway, it was like the teacher read my mind because he said, “If you need to come out just do it…. it’s your practice.” If I’m going to bail on a pose it’ll probably be Dolphin.

Angry Pose 1: Dragon

So I’m a space cadet and went straight from runner up to pose 2 yesterday! My friend nick call this pose “Angry Dragon!” I don’t care what you call it or from what level I’m doing it: “angry dragon,” “(angry) lizard,” or “deep lunge hip opener.”

It doesn’t matter what level I’m going this pose – upright, on my fingertip , on my forearms, or on a block; it makes me angry. If I️ go a few weeks without doing it I’ll tremble and shake the entire time. Every second feels like an eternity.

One day during yin I️ couldn’t stop rehearsing a difficult conversation in my head. In a nice forward fold the conversation was going seemingly well. Once I was in dragon the conversation was taking an ugly turn in another direction. When I️ observed what I️ was doing and what was happening, I️ was able to take a step back and say, “oh shit these poses really do make feelings occur!”

I try to lean into the discomfort but sometimes it’s really hard.